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Working in an industry that is dependant on the public for support through volunteering and donations, our operations change from day-to-day which always keeping things exciting! Our blog offers us a chance to talk about interesting things in our sector such as upcycling (reworking recycled goods) as well as great stories about the weird and wonderful items donated, our history, and our dedicated volunteers and staff. 

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It's National Op Shop Week, a chance to highlight the important role charity shops play in the community while boosting donations of good quality, pre-loved items.

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Dimitra volunteers as a visual merchandiser in our stores

With National Op Shop Week kicking off 24 August, celebrating Australia's charity op shops and the important role they play in our community, we wanted to celebrate the role our volunteers play in the success of our stores.

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Volunteers from Levi's assisted in our stores

The Brotherhood of St Laurence would simply not be able to operate to the level that it does without the assistance and hard work of some 1000 volunteers across all of our divisions.


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