'Volunteering helped me get this job'

David only ever had casual work – a couple of weeks here, a month there. Volunteering for the Brotherhood of St Laurence, however, changed all that. It led to his first permanent job. And best of all, he enjoys it.

Volunteering with the Brotherhood led to a job for David Quinlan.

The 25-year-old joined the Brotherhood in 2014 when he completed a Youth Transitions program at our Laverton centre. 

Aimed at young people aged 15 to 24 living in Caroline Springs, Taylors Hill, Melton, Craigieburn, Footscray and Laverton, the program offers career guidance, apprenticeships and job preparation. 

It also includes a two-week work placement. David chose to undertake his placement at the Brotherhood's Hoppers Crossing community store. When that finished he stayed on as a volunteer.

"I really like working here," he said. "We've got sorting at the back which is something I'm used to doing in my previous jobs in quality control. I knew I could do that. But working in retail means I also gained experience working at the front of the store, meeting people."

David began volunteering at the end of October and when a part-time job as a retail assistant came up a month ago, he applied. "I have just found out that I got it," he said.

"I was a bit uncertain as to whether I would so I'm really excited. Volunteering definitely helped me get this job. And it looks great on the resume", he added.

"It shows you're willing to work. It also helps to find out whether you'd actually enjoy the job. I love it here. We've got a great team."

It also helps to volunteer for an organisation whose aims match those of your own.

"It means a great deal to me to feel like I'm helping others," David said. "So many people come here to the community store and tell me how much the Brotherhood helps them. It makes me feel great."

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