The weird and wonderful world of donations

Australians are a generous bunch with 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing and household goods donated each year! Of this the Brotherhood of St Laurence received an astounding 726 tonnes of donations and this financial year we are hoping to top it with the release of our secret weapon (or at least that is what we are calling it internally).

Don't worry – it isn't anything top secret! In fact it is a strategy the Brotherhood employed some time ago back in the 70s... it's comedy. Yes comedy!

Last time the Brotherhood brand was splashed on TV it was with the assistance of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe through this laugh-inducing ad.

But this time around "our secret weapon" or should we say weapons use very familiar faces delivering a new spin on the world of donations utilising the hilariously unique talents of Pete Helliar and Luke McGregor. 

For the curious or for those seeking further joy or giggles check out some of the weird and wonderful items we have heard donated in our time:

The weird:

  • half a set of dentures
  • ashes (sadly) and
  • some very odd costumes that left us looking like cartoons with question marks hovering above our heads as to what their purpose could possibly be.

The wonderful:

  • brand new Yves Saint Laurent boots still in their box
  • Chloe shoes in great condition
  • a first edition of the book, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Burberry jacket
  • and of course the astonishing number of donated hours our volunteers donate on a daily basis.
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