How much is a good book worth to you?

"I've been looking for this for some time," said the man about the book. "My wife and I were quite emotional when it arrived in the post." Some books are worth a lot more than even the words and illustrations on the page.

The Children's Treasure House, inside cover

Not so long ago, a man phoned our team at Brotherhood Books, our online bookstore that sells second-hand books, to ask if we had a specific title – The Children's Treasure House.

First published in 1935, it includes tales by famous children's writers Rudyard Kipling and Alfred Noyes, as well as all sorts of eye-catching illustrations.

John R Crossland, who wrote the introduction, said the book was "100 books all rolled into one". 

It is filled with timeless children's classics that undoubtedly coloured many of our youthful imaginings.
After a quick search, the team at Brotherhood Books informed the man of the good news: the book was in stock.

He recently called back to pass on his thanks.

"My dad gave [me a copy of this book] when I was six, just before he died," he told us. "If we've learned one thing from collecting and selling second-hand items, it's how "pre-loved" goods carry within them the ability to excite and delight in a way that new items simply cannot. " 

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